Working in London

There’s no question that working in London offers a unique set of retail challenges. But it offers some fantastic opportunities for your career too.

The sheer number and diversity of stores  we have in London will offer you a remarkably varied experience. This, coupled with our unique training and development offer, means that you’ll get the growth your career needs.

Then there’s the pace. Things tend to change that bit faster in our London stores, because the market is more competitive. No matter how busy it gets, we’ll look to you to keep your team engaged and focused on our customers. And, due to the rental market, your customer base will change quicker. You’ll find that you soon become an expert at making things happen and thinking on your feet.

Sounds tricky? It certainly can be. It’ll test your leadership skills to the full. But working in London brings plenty of rewards. Our salaries are very competitive, and we’ll really invest in your development. Make the right kind of impact, and you’ll find outstanding opportunities to progress your career with us. So come and see how far you can go.