Sustainability means different things to everyone. For individuals, it can be anything from recycling at home right through to a whole lifestyle choice. For us, sustainability and making a positive impact are part of our DNA. Since producing our first timber policy in 1991 we’ve been working to become a more responsible retailer. 

Few businesses can match our focus on environmental sustainability. We have a history of developing and leading in responsible sourcing and inclusive employment practices. And we have big ambitions to cut the environmental impact of our own operations and to help our customers and colleagues create sustainable homes.

Today, we’re working towards four big goals that are shared by everyone in Kingfisher: 

  1. Save money by saving energy and water
  2. Live smarter by getting more from less, re-using or using longer
  3. Create a healthier home and connect with nature
  4. Be part of a community that helps millions more people improve their home.

In other words, we’re aiming to: 

How are we going about it? For a start, we’re offering a wider range of LED light bulbs than ever to save energy, insulation to keep homes warm, energy efficient appliances and water efficient taps that help save money,  split kitchen bins to assist with recycling, plants that are perfect for pollinators and heaps of advice on how to bring nature closer to home. 

We’re not just selling differently: we’re acting differently too. All our timber, card and paper products are made from responsibly managed sources. We introduced VOC labelling on paint, and took the peat and expanded polystyrene packaging out of our pack bedding plants. We stopped selling patio heaters years ago. Again, the list goes on.

Starting at home
It’s important to us that we lead by example. So we’re focusing committed to cutting our carbon footprint so we are investing in renewables, working and energy and transport efficiency.  We’re segregating our waste to maximise our recycling and minimise what we send to landfill (now just 0.5% of our total waste).  Our community partnership with Shelter is extending this to vulnerable people because we believe everyone should be able to have a home that they feel good about.